Negeb & Associates TEAM

Mission/Vision: Educate & Empower Families Nationally 

Values: Integrity/Faith/Family/Freedom


Associates Expectations

Communication: Daily In WhatsApp

TEAM Zoom Meetings:  Mondays: 8:00 AM & 6:30 PM, Wednesdays: 8:00 AM, Thursdays: 6:30 PM

(Meeting ID: 3117227688, Passcode: 63432)

Agent Production Standards: A-Leads Weekly (Request)
 -20-25/Wk Full Timers
 -5-10/Wk Part Timers

Lead access & requests are contingent upon agent training, productivity and existing lead balance.  We extend a line of credit for Lincoln Heritage A Leads up to $500 (part timers) and up to $1500 (full timers).

New Policies/Applications-  “Quota”
3 Apps per week or 12 Applications per month 


New Agents
   1.    Complete Negeb University within 7 days of joining team
   2.    Complete New Agent Checklist within 10 days
   3.    Complete field training within 2 weeks on the team to obtain leads
   4.    Complete 90 Day Action Plan Conference with designated leader with 2 weeks. 
   5.     Order badge, shirt and needed supplies within first month

New Agents Checklist:

-Your success here is determined by how you start building your foundation, completing these tasks below within the first week of contract approval.

  • Complete and Submit DocuSign Application

  • Receive Lincoln Heritage Welcome Letter & Writing Number

  • Obtain Negeb and & Associates Website access

  • COMPLETE N & A Video Orientation (In Order)

    1. Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Plans

    2. Lead System

    3. Rate Book

    4. 4 Step Presentation

    5. Creating Value

    6. Accessing Lincoln Heritage Website (Leads/Supplies)

    7. Live Call Telesales, Door Knocking & Telesales Training

  • Obtain WhatsApp

  • Order business cards, 1st supplies, and shirt

  • Receive Digital Badge (send pic and info)

  • Receive New Agent Welcome Kit

  • Complete Action 30 Day Action Plan

  • Plug into TEAM ZOOM Calls (Monday's 9:00am & Thursday's 6:30pm)

  • Submit request for 1st Lead Batch after orientation & presentation

  • Complete Coaching Session after working 1st Leads Batch

*If you have questions contact our office 832-582-4029

Funeral Advantage Plan video details the specific details about the two components of our final expense insurance plans.

Funeral Consumer Guardian Society Video: